Informit Business Collection Titles

As of 07/07/2020



ISSN/EISSN Resource Full Name Publisher Coverage
1032-3732Accounting HistorySage PublicationsVolume 21, Issue 1 (Feb 2016) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1445-954XAccounting, Accountability & PerformanceGriffith University, Business SchoolVolume 8, Issue 1 (2002) - Volume 18, Issue 2 (2015) (Comprehensive)
1329-7295Advocate: Journal of the National Tertiary Education UnionNational Tertiary Education UnionVolume 19, Issue 2 (Jul 2012) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1321-8476Advocate: Newsletter of the National Tertiary Education UnionNational Tertiary Education UnionVolume 9, Issue 3 (Nov 2002) - Volume 19, Issue 1 (2012) (Comprehensive)
1322-1833Agenda: A Journal of Policy Analysis and ReformAustralian National University, Faculty of Economics and CommerceVolume 14, Issue 1 (2007) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1443-3443Agent, TheInstitute of Mercantile AgentsVolume 40, Issue 1 (Feb/Mar 2007) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1839-5619Agricultural CommoditiesAustralian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARE)Volume 1, Issue 1 (Sep 2011) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1445-4300Asia Today InternationalAsia Today InternationalVolume 26, Issue 3 (Jun/Jul 2008) - Volume 33, Issue 6 (Dec 2015) (Comprehensive)
1446-6880Asia-Pacific Defence Reporter (2002)Ventura Media Asia PacificVolume 36, Issue 1 (Feb 2010) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1442-4983Australasian Farmers' and Dealers' JournalNorley Australia Pty Ltd (Aug 2009) (May 2012) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1836-7356Australasian Freight LogisticsThe Intermedia GroupIssue 10 (2008) - Issue 19 (2009) (Comprehensive)
1837-9133Australasian Journal of Construction Economics and BuildingUTS ePressVolume 10, Issue 1 (2010) - Volume 14, Issue 4 (2014) (Comprehensive)
1448-6563Australasian Journal of Environmental ManagementEnvironment Institute of Australia and New ZealandVolume 12, Issue 1 (Mar 2005) - Volume 17, Issue 4 (Dec 2010) (Comprehensive)
1442-3065Australian Actuarial JournalInstitute of Actuaries of AustraliaVolume 11, Issue 1 (2005) - Volume 18, Issue 2 (2012) (Comprehensive)
0311-6336Australian Bulletin of LabourNILS, Flinders University, AdelaideVolume 29, Issue 1 (2003) - Volume 43, Issue 1 (2017) (Comprehensive)
1446-6708Australian Chief ExecutiveThe Committee for Economic Development of Australia (Apr 2002) (Feb 2008) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1321-7844Australian Commodities: Forecasts and IssuesAustralian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARE)Volume 7, Issue 2 (Apr 2000) - Volume 18, Issue 2 (2011) (Comprehensive)
1449-5937Australian Farm Business Management JournalAustralian Farm Business Management NetworkVolume 1, Issue 1 (2004) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1447-8366Australian Farm Surveys Onlineabare publicationsIssue 1998 (1998) - Issue 2011 (2011) (Comprehensive)
2203-2290Australian Journal of Actuarial PracticeInstitute of Actuaries of AustraliaVolume 1 (2014) - Volume 5 (2017) (Comprehensive)
1038-4162Australian Journal of Career DevelopmentSAGE PublicationsVolume 25, Issue 1 (Apr 2016) - onwards (Comprehensive); Volume 16, Issue 1 (Autumn 2007) - Volume 21, Issue 3 (Spring 2012) (Comprehensive)
1833-1106Australian Journal of Financial PlanningFinancial StandardVolume 1, Issue 1 (2005) - Volume 5, Issue 2 (2010) (Comprehensive)
1328-1143Australian Journal of Labour EconomicsThe Centre for Labour Market ResearchVolume 4, Issue 1 (Mar 2001) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0312-8962Australian Journal of ManagementSAGE Publications
1447-6614Australian Property Market IndicatorsReal Estate Institute of Australia (June 2006) (June 2006) - onwards (Comprehensive)
2206-5911Australian Resources and Energy Law JournalAMPLAVolume 35, Issue 1 (Sep 2016) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1440-4842Australian Social MonitorMelbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social ResearchVolume 1, Issue 1 (1998) - Volume 7, Issue 4 (2004) (Comprehensive)
0812-695XAustralian Tax ForumTax InstituteVolume 26, Issue 1 (2011) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1445-3436Australia's PaydirtPaydirt Media Pty LtdVolume 1, Issue 158 (Feb 2009) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1836-7259B&TReed Business InformationIssue 2808 (Mar 2015) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0007-3431Building EconomistAustralian Institute of Quantity SurveyorsIssue June 2008 (June 2008) - Issue June 2011 (June 2011) (Comprehensive); Issue Sep 2018 (Sep 2018) - Issue Sep 2019 (Comprehensive)
2652-4023Built Environment Economist : Australia and New ZealandAustralian Institute of Quantity SurveyorsIssue December 2019/February 2020 (Dec 2019) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1837-8161BusidateWarringal PublicationsVolume 20, Issue 1 (Mar 2012) - Volume 25, Issue 4 (Aug 2017) (Comprehensive)
1328-4045CIOIDG CommunicationsIssue Summer 2009 (Summer 2009) - Issue Spring 2015 (Spring 2015) (Comprehensive)
0819-4262Commercial Law QuarterlyCommercial Law Association of AustraliaVolume 18, Issue 4 (Dec/Feb, 2004/2005) - onwards (Comprehensive)
2204-9029Construction Economics and BuildingUTS ePressVolume 15, Issue 1 (July 2015) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1449-9029Corporate Governance Law ReviewSandstone Academic PressVolume 1, Issue 1 (2005) - Volume 3, Issue 2 (2007) (Comprehensive)
1835-5145EcodateWarringal PublicationsVolume 26, Issue 1 (Mar 2012) - Volume 31, Issue 4 (Aug 2017) (Comprehensive)
1035-3046Economic and Labour Relations ReviewUniversity of New South Wales, Centre for Applied Economic ResearchVolume 1 Issue 1 (1990) - Volume 24 Issue 3 (2013) (Comprehensive)
1031-8968Economic Round-UpCommonwealth of Australia. Department of the Treasury (Winter 2001) (Winter 2017) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1835-209XEducation Technology SolutionsInteractive Media SolutionsVolume 68 (Nov/Dec 2015) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1173-6631Electronic Journal of Radical Organisation TheoryWaikato School of ManagementVolume 8, Issue 1 (Oct 2004) - Volume 10, Issue 1 (Oct 2007) (Comprehensive)
1444-7053Employment Relations RecordPacific Employment Relations AssociationVolume 1, Issue 1 (2001) - Volume 15, Issue 2 (2015) (Comprehensive)
1323-5303EquityAustralian Shareholders AssociationVolume 23, Issue 2 (2009) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1445-1832Ethical InvestorEthical InvestorIssue 95 (Dec/Jan 2010/2011) - Issue 100 (May/June 2012) (Comprehensive)
1035-719XEvaluation Journal of AustralasiaSAGE PublicationsVolume 1, Issue 2 (2002) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1411-1128Gadjah Mada International Journal of BusinessUniversitas Gadjah MadaVolume 15, Issue 1 (Jan 2013) - onwards (Comprehensive)
2203-4749Governance DirectionsGovernance Institute of AustraliaVolume 66, Issue 1 (Feb 2014) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1447-0500Government NewsIntermediaVolume 28, Issue 1 (Feb 2008) - Volume 36, Issue 2 (Jun 2016) (Comprehensive)
0085-1280Growth (Melbourne)Committee for Economic Development of AustraliaIssue 47 (1999) - Issue 61 (2009) (Comprehensive)
1447-6606Home Loan Affordability Report: Joint Quarterly SurveyReal Estate Institute of AustraliaIssue 90 (Mar 2007) - Issue 92 (Sept 2007) (Comprehensive)
1834-4232InFinanceFinancial Services Institute of AustralasiaIssue 1 (Mar 2010) - Volume 127, Issue 4 (Dec 2013) (Comprehensive)
1447-9338Innovation: Management Policy and PracticeTaylor & FrancisVolume 1, Issue 1 (Jan 1998) - Volume 16, Issue 3 (Sep 2014) (Comprehensive)
1329-8100Institute of Public Affairs ReviewInstitute of Public AffairsVolume 57, Issue 1 (Mar 2005) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1324-1125International Employment Relations ReviewInternational Employment Relations AssociationVolume 6, Issue 2 (2000) - Volume 20, Issue 2 (2014) (Comprehensive)
1985-692XInternational Journal of Business and Management ScienceThe Society for Alliance, Fidelity and Advancement (SAFA)Volume 1, Issue 1 (July 2008) - Volume 5, Issue 2 (2012) (Comprehensive)
1320-7156International Journal of Business StudiesEdith Cowan University, Faculty of Business and LawVolume 15, No .1 (June 2007) - Volume 20, No .1 (Dec 2012) (Comprehensive)
1835-5412International Journal of e-Business ManagementRMIT PublishingVolume 1, Issue 1 (2007) - Volume 5, Issue 1 (2011) (Comprehensive)
1039-6993International Journal of Employment StudiesInternational Employment Relations AssociationVolume 1, Issue 1 (Apr 1993) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1741-8305International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and MentoringOxford Brookes UniversityVolume 12, Issue 1 (Feb 2014) - Volume 16, Issue 2 (2018) (Comprehensive)
1838-8949Investment MagazineConexus FinancialIssue 80 (Feb 2012) - Issue 160 (Jun 2019) (Comprehensive)
0816-200XIQ: The RIM QuarterlyRecords Management Association of AustraliaVolume 25 Issue 1 (Feb 2009) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0313-5934JASSA: The Journal of the Securities Institute of AustraliaFinancial Services Institute of AustralasiaIssue 1 (2010) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0156-5826Journal of Australian Political EconomyUniversity of Sydney, School of Economics and Political SciencesIssue 61 (June 2008) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1440-0405Journal of Australian TaxationJournal of Australian Taxation Pty LtdVolume 8, Issue 1 (2005) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1839-065XJournal of Chinese Tax and PolicyUniversity of Sydney Business School.Volume 2, Issue 1 (2012) - Volume 4, Issue 1 (2014) (Comprehensive)
1481-0468Journal of Comparative International ManagementManagement FuturesVolume 14, Issue 1 (2011) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1323-6903Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and GovernmentSwinburne University of TechnologyVolume 12. Issue 1 (2006) - Volume 17, Issue 2 (2011) (Comprehensive); Volume 19, Issue 1 (2013) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1325-2224Journal of Economic and Social PolicySouthern Cross University, Division of BusinessVolume 12, Issue 2 (2008) - Volume 17, Issue 2 (Jun 2015) (Comprehensive)
1833-9174Journal of Financial Services TechnologyFinancial StandardVolume 1, Issue 1 (2007) - Volume 2, Issue 1 (2008) (Comprehensive)
1447-6770Journal of Hospitality and Tourism ManagementAustralian Academic PressVolume 13, Issue 1 (Apr 2006) - Volume 19 (2012) (Comprehensive)
1833-1041Journal of Investment StrategyFinancial StandardVolume 2, Issue 1 (2007) - Volume 2, Issue 2 (2007) (Comprehensive)
2188-8728Journal of Management and Training for IndustriesThe Institute of Industrial Applications Engineers, JapanVolume 1, Issue 1 (2014) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1447-3771Journal of Spirituality, Leadership and ManagementSpirituality, Leadership and ManagementVolume 6, Issue 1 (2012) - Volume 8, Issue 1 (2015) (Comprehensive)
1833-9573Journal of Superannuation ManagementFinancial StandardVolume 1, Issue 1 (2007) - Volume 2, Issue 1 (2008) (Comprehensive)
2203-1693Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital EconomyTelecommunications AssociationVolume 1, Issue 1 (Nov 2013) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1832-911XJournal of the Australasian Tax Teachers AssociationAustralasian Tax Teachers' AssociationVolume 7, Issue 1 (2012) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1444-7614Keeping Good CompaniesGovernance Institute of AustraliaVolume 60, Issue 1 (Feb 2008) - Volume 65, Issue 11 (Dec 2013) (Comprehensive)
1177-3170Law & HistoryAustralian and New Zealand Law and History Society Inc1 (2014) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1448-1537Leading The WayAustralian Institute of Office ProfessionalsVolume 11, Issue 1 (May 2014) - Volume 13, Issue 2 (Nov 2016) (Comprehensive)
1442-911XLegal Issues in BusinessCurtin Business School, School of Business LawVolume 1 (1999) - Volume 14 (2012) (Comprehensive)
1449-0269Macquarie Journal of Business LawMacquarie UniversityVolume 3 (2006) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1511-4554Malaysian Journal of Economic StudiesPersatuan Ekonomi MalaysiaVolume 50 (Mar 2014) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1445-033XManagement Case Study JournalSwinburne University, Faculty of Higher EducationVolume 1, Issue 1 (2001) - Volume 8, Issue 1 (2008) (Comprehensive)
1440-5636Management TodayAustralian Institute of ManagementIssue Mar 2013 (Mar 2013) - Issue Aug 2014 (Aug 2014) (Comprehensive)
1833-6353Melbourne ReviewMelbourne Business SchoolVolume 2, Issue 1 (May 2006) - Volume 4, Issue 2 (Nov 2008) (Comprehensive)
1328-5300Mercer-Melbourne Institute Quarterly Bulletin of Economic TrendsMelbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social ResearchIssue 1 (1999) - Issue 4 (2006) (Comprehensive)
1445-0801MHD Supply Chain SolutionsIntermedia GroupVolume 38, Issue 1 (Jan/Feb 2008) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0813-9474National Economic ReviewThe National Institute of Economic and Industry Research (NIEIR)Issue 59 (July 2006) - Issue 68 (Dec 2013) (Comprehensive)
1175-8007New Zealand Journal of Applied Business ResearchManukau Institute of TechnologyVolume 7, Issue 1 (2009) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1176-4716New Zealand Journal of Employment RelationsER Publishing Ltd.Volume 29, Issue 2 (2004) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1329-2862Planning NewsPlanning Institute of Australia, VictoriaVolume 32, Issue 1 (Feb 2006) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1838-8906Professional PlannerConexus FinancialIssue 39 (Feb 2012) - onwards (Comprehensive)
2207-1415Project Management Research and PracticeUTS ePressVolume 3 (2016) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1325-8591Project Manager, TheAustralian Institute of Project ManagementVolume 29, Issue 2 (Feb/Mar 2010) - Volume 30, Issue 4 (Jun 2011) (Comprehensive)
1832-0066Public Administration TodayInstitute of Public Administration Australia, ACT DivisionIssue 26 (Apr/June 2011) - Issue 43 (July/Sept 2015) (Comprehensive)
0110-5191Public SectorInstitute of Public Administration New ZealandVolume 32, Issue 1 (Apr 2009) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1038-3182Queensland Economic ReviewThe Office of Economic and Statistical ResearchIssue Jan 2008 (Jan 2008) - Issue Jan 2013 (Jan 2013) (Comprehensive)
1442-8024Real Estate Magazine (Dulwich, S. Aust)Real Estate Institute of South AustraliaVolume 10, Issue 4 (2006) - Volume 11, Issue 4 (2007) (Comprehensive)
0818-1152Real Estate Market Facts: A Quarterly Review of Major Residential Property Markets in AustraliaReal Estate Institute of Australia (Mar 2007) (June 2007) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1442-9683REIQ JournalReal Estate Institute of Queensland (Feb 2013) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1034-7747Revenue Law JournalBond University, Faculty of LawVolume 22 (Dec 2012) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1838-0603RTO ManagementFuture Vision GroupVolume 1, Issue 1 (Spring 2010) - Issue 10 (Summer 2013) (Comprehensive)
1321-5906Small Enterprise Research: The Journal of SEAANZTaylor & FrancisVol .1, Issue 1 (1992) - Volume 21, Issue 2 (2014) (Comprehensive)
1442-4444Socio-analysisGroup Relations AustraliaVolume 8 (2006) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0729-3828Superfunds MagazineAssociation of Superannuation Funds of Australia, TheIssue 367 (Apr 2012) - onwards (Comprehensive)
2651-9240Tax Benchmarks and Variations StatementCommonwealth of Australia (2018) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1031-4121Tax Expenditures StatementAustralian Government Publishing Service (2000) (2018) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1329-1203Tax SpecialistTax InstituteVolume 14, Issue 4 (Apr 2011) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0494-8343Taxation in AustraliaTax InstituteVolume 45, Issue 7 (Feb 2011) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1839-8561Training & DevelopmentAustralian Institute of Training and DevelopmentVolume 39, Issue 1 (Feb 2012) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0310-4664Training and Development in AustraliaAustralian Institute of Training and DevelopmentVolume 34, Issue 3 (June 2007) - Volume 38, Issue 6 (Dec 2011) (Comprehensive)
1174-9946University of Auckland Business ReviewUniversity of Auckland, Business SchoolVolume 9, Issue 2 (Spring 2007) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1328-0228Waste Management and EnvironmentWaste Management and Environment MediaVolume 20, Issue 1 (Feb 2009) - Volume 26, Issue 3 (May/June 2015) (Comprehensive)



ISBN/EISBN Resource Full Name Publisher Year
1740971310Abundance: Buying and Selling in Post War AustraliaAustralian Scholarly Publishing2007
9781875378951Advances in Organisational PsychologyAustralian Academic Press2008
0522851800Australia and the European Superpower: Engaging with the European UnionMelbourne University Publishing2005
1875378669Australian Leadership Reader: Six Leading Australians and Their Stories, TheAustralian Academic Press2006
0522853862Australia's Own Cold WarMelbourne University Publishing2006
9781921513831Building Resilience at WorkAustralian Academic Press2011
9781921513442Bully Blocking at Work: A Self-Help Guide for Employees and ManagersAustralian Academic Press2010
0864313926Career Development Programs: Preparation for Lifelong Career Decision MakingAustralian Council for Educational Research2001
9780987300041CGT Small Business Reliefs: The Comprehensive Practitioner's HandbookTax Institute2013
9780994356062CGT Small Business Reliefs: The Comprehensive Practitioner's HandbookTax Institute2016
9780987283351Concise Collection of Tax Fundamentals, ATax Institute2012
9780522856309Death of Labour Law?: Comparative PerspectivesMelbourne University Publishing2009
9780987300003Discretionary Trust Distributions: The Essential Practitioners' Manual Post-BamfordTax Institute2013
9780987300058Division 7A Handbook: The Practitioner's Guide to the Div 7A RulesTax Institute2013
9781740971485Emerald Strand: The Irish-born Manufacturers of Nineteenth-century Victoria, TheAustralian Scholarly Publishing2007
9781875378883Engagement and Change: Exploring management, economic and finance implications of a globalising environmentAustralian Academic Press2007
9780987300034Estate & business succession planning: a practical and strategic guide for the trusted adviserTax Institute2013
9780994356000Estate & business succession planning: a practical and strategic guide for the trusted adviserTax Institute2016
187537857XEvidence-Based Coaching Volume 1: Theory, Research and Practice from the Behavioural SciencesAustralian Academic Press2005
9780987112477GST Collection: A Concise Collection of GST MaterialsTax Institute2011
0522853293How Organisations ConnectMelbourne University Publishing2006
0864314663Leadershift: The Work-Life Balance ProgramAustralian Council for Educational Research2004
0522852378Learning to Work: Students' Experiences during Work PlacementsMelbourne University Publishing2006
0864446683Making Your Work Placement Effective: A Student Guide to Enriching Workplace LearningInformit1997
9780994356086Marks' Trusts & Estates: Taxation and PracticeTax Institute2014
9780864317810More Practise Now: How to Prepare for Recruitment and Selection TestsAustralian Council for Educational Research2007
0864592981Moving Beyond Managerialism in Human ServicesNone Specified (Print author)2003
9780522856743Murdoch's FlagshipMelbourne University Publishing2008
9780522856897Opportunities Beyond CarbonMelbourne University Publishing2009
1864031883Partnership at Work: The Challenge of Employee DemocracyAustralian Fabian Society2003
9781922117113Preventing and Managing Workplace Bullying and Harassment: A Risk Management ApproachAustralian Academic Press2013
0864447485Reconstructing Asia: The Economic Miracle That Never Was, The Future That IsInformit1998
0864592884Report on the Socio-economic Impact of Bushfires on Rural Communities and Local Government in Gippsland and North East Victoria, ARMIT University2003
086459304XRole of Internal Audit in Corporate Governance and Management, TheRMIT University2003
9780987300089SMSF Guide : Current Issues and Strategies for the Self-Managed Superannuation Funds AdviserTax Institute2014
9780994356031SMSF Guide : Current Issues and Strategies for the Self-Managed Superannuation Funds AdviserTax Institute2015
9780987283399SMSF Guide: Current Issues and Strategies for the Self-Managed Superannuation Funds AdviserTax Institute2013
9781921513817Strategies for Surviving Bullying at WorkAustralian Academic Press2011
9780987300065Tax Adviser's Guide to Part IVA: A Practical Guide to the Application of the General Anti-avoidance Rule, TheTax Institute2014
9781921513206The 8 Values of Highly Productive Companies : Creating Wealth From a New Employment RelationshipAustralian Academic Press2009
9781921513466The Charismatic PersonalityAustralian Academic Press2010
9781875378784The Science Of Management: Fighting Fads And Fallacies With Evidence-Based PracticesAustralian Academic Press2007
9780987112484The Super & Estate Planning Collection: A Concise Collection of Super & Estate Planning MaterialsTax Institute2011
1875606963Things Fall Apart: A History of the State Bank of South AustraliaAustralian Scholarly Publishing2002
9780987300010Trust Structures Guide: The Ultimate Resource for Anyone Advising on Trusts, Structuring and Planning IssuesTax Institute2013
9780992581008Trust Structures Guide: The Ultimate Resource for Anyone Advising on Trusts, Structuring and Planning IssuesTax Institute2016
9780522854404TV Futures: Digital Television Policy in AustraliaMelbourne University Publishing2007
1875378618Unemployment and Health: International and Interdisciplinary PerspectivesAustralian Academic Press2006
9780522855487Varieties of Capitalism, Corporate Governance and Employment SystemsMelbourne University Publishing2008
9781922117038Vulture Cultures: How to Stop them Ravaging your Organisation's Performance, People, Profit and Public ImageAustralian Academic Press2012
9781875378760What Is This Thing Called Leadership?: Prominent Australians Tell Their StoriesAustralian Academic Press2007
1921166274Women and Work 2005: Current RMIT University ResearchRMIT University2006
9781921166921Women and Work 2007: Current RMIT University ResearchRMIT University2007
0864593376Women and Work: Current RMIT University ResearchRMIT University2004


Conference Papers

ISBN/EISBN Resource Full Name Publisher Year
192116638XAPROS 11: Asia-Pacific Researchers in Organisation Studies 11th International ColloquiumVictoria University of Technology2006
1876685344CAUTHE 1993: Building a Research Base in TourismCouncil for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education1993
0642212783CAUTHE 1994: Tourism Research and Education in AustraliaCouncil for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education1994
0642248907CAUTHE 1995: Proceedings of the National Tourism and Hospitality Conference, held at the Novotel Bayside hotel, St Kilda, Melbourne, on 14-17 February 1995Council for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education1995
0642244847CAUTHE 1996: Tourism and Hospitality Research: Australian and International PerspectivesCouncil for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education1996
0642274460CAUTHE 1997: Tourism Research: Building a Better IndustryCouncil for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education1997
0642285012CAUTHE 1998: Progress in tourism and hospitality research: Proceedings of the eighth Australian Tourism and Hospitality Research ConferenceCouncil for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education1998
0642285128CAUTHE 1999: Tourism & Hospitality, Delighting the SensesCouncil for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education1999
0646388320CAUTHE 2000: Peak Performance in Tourism and Hospitality ResearchCouncil for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education2000
0858898322CAUTHE 2001: Capitalising on ResearchCouncil for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education2001
1863080988CAUTHE 2002: Tourism and Hospitality on the EdgeCouncil for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education2002
1863844899CAUTHE 2003: Riding the Wave of Tourism and Hospitality ResearchCouncil for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education2003
1864997583CAUTHE 2004: Creating Tourism Knowledge; A Selection of Papers from CAUTHE 2004Council for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education2004
1876248971CAUTHE 2005: Sharing Tourism KnowledgeCouncil for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education2005
0975058517CAUTHE 2006: To the City and BeyondCouncil for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education2006
9780646469980CAUTHE 2007: Tourism - Past Achievements, Future ChallengesCouncil for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education2007
9781921291333CAUTHE 2008: Tourism and Hospitality Research, Training and Practice; "Where the 'Bloody Hell' Are We?"Council for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education2008
1863081534CAUTHE 2009: See Change; Tourism & Hospitality in a Dynamic WorldCouncil for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education2009
9781862955608CAUTHE 2010: Tourism and Hospitality: Challenge the LimitsUniversity of Tasmania2010
9780987050700CAUTHE 2011: National Conference: Tourism; Creating a Brilliant BlendCouncil for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education2011
9780987050717CAUTHE 2012: The new golden age of tourism and hospitality; Book 1Council for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education2012
9780987050724CAUTHE 2012: The new golden age of tourism and hospitality; Book 2Council for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education2012
9780864762832CAUTHE 2013: Tourism and Global Change: On the Edge of Something BigCouncil for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education2013
9780987050755CAUTHE 2014: Tourism and Hospitality in the Contemporary World: Trends, Changes and ComplexityCouncil for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education2014
9780987050762CAUTHE 2015: Rising Tides and Sea Changes: Adaptation and Innovation in Tourism and HospitalityCouncil for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education2015
9780987050793CAUTHE 2016: The Changing Landscape of Tourism and Hospitality: The Impact of Emerging Markets and Emerging DestinationsCouncil for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education2016
9780473388195CAUTHE 2017: Time For Big Ideas? Re-thinking The Field For TomorrowCouncil for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education2017
9780994514127CAUTHE 2018: Get Smart: Paradoxes and Possibilities in Tourism, Hospitality and Events Education and ResearchCouncil for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education2018
9780994514141CAUTHE 2019: Sustainability of Tourism, Hospitality & Events in a Disruptive Digital Age: Proceedings of the 29th Annual ConferenceCouncil for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education2019
9780473509231CAUTHE 2020: 20: 20 Vision: New Perspectives on the Diversity of Hospitality, Tourism and EventsCouncil for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education2020
192070177XConstraints to Full Employment: Fiscal and Monetary Policy, WorkChoices and Job Insecurity, TheUniversity of Newcastle2006
1920701656Creating a Culture of Full EmploymentUniversity of Newcastle2005
0864592167E-learning Conference on Design and Development 2002: International Best Practice to Enhance Corporate PerformanceRMIT University2002
192070132XFull Employment Imperative, TheUniversity of Newcastle2003
1920701494Future That Works, AUniversity of Newcastle2004
ICOMS 2009: Asset Management Conference Proceedings: Sydney, 1-5 June 2009Engineers Australia2009
1920701095Path to Full Employment, TheUniversity of Newcastle2002
0864592159Proceedings of the Sino-Australian Conference of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Policy and Practice 2001RMIT University2002
9781875378944Vocational Learning: Transitions, Interrelationships, Partnerships and Sustainable FuturesAustralian Academic Press2005



ISBN/EISBN Resource Full Name Publisher Year
1875538356Content, Consolidation and Clout: How Will Regional Australia Be Affected by Media Ownership Changes?Communications Law Centre2006
0864593821Drivers and Contexts of Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Action in Australian OrganisationsRMIT University2005
1875538364Going, Going, Gone: Online Auctions, Consumers and the LawCommunications Law Centre2006
0864593759Hamilton and Its Hinterland: The Changing Demographic and Labour Market ContextRMIT University2005
0646428632Innovation by Design: The Economic Drivers of Dynamic RegionsRMIT University2003
187553833XNot So Special: Telecommunications Contracts, Disability and Unfair PracticesCommunications Law Centre2006
0864593813On-hired Workers in AustraliaRMIT University2003
0864314175Practise Now!: How to Prepare for Recruitment and Selection TestsAustralian Council for Educational Research2002
Preparing for Demographic Change: Workforce and Succession Planning in the Libraries of the Australian Technology NetworkLibrarians of the Australian Technology Network2004
0864314582Quick Guide to Human Resource Testing, AAustralian Council for Educational Research2004
0858012685Water That Works: Sustainable Water Management in the Commercial SectorCommittee for Economic Development of Australia, The2007



ISSN/EISSN Resource Full Name Publisher Coverage
1834-1519ACMA Communications ReportAustralian Communications and Media Authority (2006) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1035-6142Australian Economic Statistics: Trends, Objectives and PoliciesWarringal PublicationsIssue 2004 (2004) - Issue 2010 (2010) (Comprehensive)
0812-2261Australian Economy: A Student's Guide to Current Economic ConditionsWarringal PublicationsIssue 2004 (2004) - Issue 2010 (2010) (Comprehensive)
1033-4904Australian Tax Research Foundation Information SeriesTax InstituteIssue 1 (1989) - Issue 5 (2007) (Comprehensive)
0814-9003Australian Tax Research Foundation Occasional PapersTax InstituteIssue 1 (1983) - Issue 5 (1990) (Comprehensive)
0817-4679Australian Tax Research Foundation Research StudiesTax InstituteIssue 9 (1990) - Issue 45 (2006) (Comprehensive)
1832-8814CEDA Information PaperCommittee for Economic Development of Australia, TheIssue 89 (2007) - Issue 89 (2007) (Comprehensive)
1441-578XTelecommunications Performance Report 2003-04Australian Communications and Media AuthorityIssue 2004 (2004) - Issue 2004 (2004) (Comprehensive)
1833-0762Telecommunications Performance Report 2004-05Australian Communications and Media AuthorityIssue 2005 (2005) - Issue 2005 ( 2005) (Comprehensive)