Informit Humanities and Social Sciences Collection Titles

As of 27/01/2021



ISSN/EISSN Resource Full Name Publisher Coverage
1324-6089About PerformanceCentre for Performance StudiesIssue 1 (1993) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1030-0155AccessCambridge PublishingVolume 19, Issue 1 (Mar 2005) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0111-8889ACCESS: Critical Perspectives on Communication, Cultural & Policy StudiesRMIT University, School of ArtVolume 23, Issue 2 (2004) - Volume 32, Issue 1/2 (2013) (Comprehensive)
0065-1915Adelaide Law ReviewUniversity of Adelaide, Faculty of LawVolume 23, Issue 1 (2002) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1329-0584Advances in Social Work and Welfare EducationAustralian and New Zealand Social Work and Welfare Education and ResearchVolume 13, Issue 1 (2011) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1839-6186AgendaNational Tertiary Education UnionVolume 19 (Sep 2011) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1322-1833Agenda: A Journal of Policy Analysis and ReformAustralian National University, Faculty of Economics and CommerceVolume 14, Issue 1 (2007) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0044-6726AgoraHistory Teachers' Association of VictoriaVolume 43, Issue 4 (2008) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1030-4614Agricultural scienceAustralian Institute of Agricultural ScienceVolume 21, Issue 1 (Mar 2009) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1326-964XALAR: Action Learning and Action Research JournalAction Learning, Action Research Association IncVolume 1, Issue 1 (Jul 1996) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1037-969XAlternative Law JournalSAGE PublicationsVolume 36, Issue 1 (2011) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1324-5155AnalysisAustralian Centre for PsychoanalysisIssue 1 (1989) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1032-3686Ancient History: Resources for TeachersMacquarie Ancient History AssociationVolume 40, Issue 2 (2010) - Volume 46 (2016) (Comprehensive)
0818-4356Anglican Historical Society JournalAnglican Historical Society, Diocese of Canberra & GoulburnIssue 43 (June 2007) - onwards (Comprehensive)
2652-0281ANU Historical Journal IIANU PressIssue 1 (2019) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1444-3244ANZSLA CommentatorANZSLAVolume 63 (2 May 2006) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1178-5527Aotearoa New Zealand Social WorkAotearoa New Zealand Association of Social WorkersVolume 22, Issue 2 (Apr 2010) - Volume 27, Issue 4 (2015) (Comprehensive)
2463-4131Aotearoa New Zealand Social WorkAotearoa New Zealand Association of Social WorkersVolume 28, Issue 1 (2016) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1443-3605AQ - Australian QuarterlyAustralian Institute of Policy and ScienceVolume 81, Issue 1 (Jan/Feb 2009) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0157-6895Archives and ManuscriptsThe Australian Society of Archivists Inc.Volume 38, Issue 2 (Nov 2010) - Volume 39, Issue 1 (May 2011) (Comprehensive)
2652-4775ArenaArena Printing and Publishing Pty LtdIssue 1 (2020) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1039-1010Arena Magazine (Fitzroy, Vic)Arena Printing and Publishing Pty LtdIssue 1 (Oct/Nov 1992) - Issue 12 (Aug/Sep 1994) (Comprehensive); Issue 100 (Apr/Jun 2009) - Issue 163 (Dec 2019) (Comprehensive)
1449-2946Around the GlobeMonash Institute for the Study of Global MovementsVolume 1, Issue 3 (Dec 2004) - Volume 6, Issue 1 (2009) (Comprehensive)
1324-7271Art + LawArts Law Centre of AustraliaIssue 2 (June 2012) - Issue 2 (June 2013) (Comprehensive)
1039-3625ArtAsiaPacificArtAsiaPacific HoldingsIssue 84 (Jul/Aug 2013) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1558-8904ArtAsiaPacific AlmanacArtAsiaPacific HoldingsVolume 9 (2014) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0044-9075Artefact: the Journal of the Archaeological and Anthropological Society of VictoriaArchaeological and Anthropological Society of Victoria, Inc.Issue 30 (2007) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1442-0953ArtichokeArchitecture MediaIssue 54 (Mar/May 2016) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0727-1239ArtlinkArtlink AustraliaVolume 27, Issue 2 (Jun 2007) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1385-2140Asia Pacific Journal of Environmental LawAustralian Centre for Climate & Environmental LawVolume 12 (2009) - Volume 18 (2015) (Comprehensive)
1326-365XAsia Pacific Media EducatorSAGE PublicationsIssue 14 (Dec 2003) - Issue 21 (Dec 2011) (Comprehensive)
1683-478XAsian AnthropologyHong Kong Anthropological Society, TheVolume 9 (2010) - Volume 10 (2011) (Comprehensive)
1176-7839Assessment MattersNew Zealand Council for Educational ResearchVolume 2 (2010) - Volume 4 (2012) (Comprehensive)
0004-8089Aurora JournalAustralian National Antarctic Research Expeditions (ANARE)Volume 29, Issue 1 (Sept 2009) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1832-5408Australasian Canadian StudiesAssociation for Canadian Studies in Australia and New ZealandVolume 31, Issue 1 (2013/2014) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0727-3215Australasian Catholic RecordAustralasian Catholic RecordVolume 80, Issue 1 (Jan 2003) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0810-4123Australasian Drama StudiesAustralasian Association for Theatre, Drama and Performance StudiesIssue 52 (Apr 2008) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1322-9214Australasian Historical ArchaeologyAustralian Society for Historical ArchaeologyVolume 27 (2009) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1836-9391Australasian Journal of Early ChildhoodSAGE PublicationsVolume 35, Issue 1 (Mar 2010) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1323-9686Australasian Journal of Gifted EducationAustralian Association for the Education of the Gifted and TalentedVolume 16, Issue 1 (June 2007) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1837-1094Australasian Journal of Irish Studies, TheIrish Studies Association of Australia and New ZealandVolume 6 (2006/2007) - onwards (Comprehensive)
2652-0516Australasian Journal of Maritime ArchaeologyAustralasian Institute for Maritime ArchaeologyVolume 41 (2017) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1320-5323Australasian Journal of Natural Resources Law and PolicyUniversity of New South Wales, Faculty of LawVolume 16, Issue 1 (2013) - Volume 18, Issue 2 (2015) (Comprehensive)
1324-0935Australasian Journal of Regional StudiesAustralia and New Zealand Regional Science Association International IncVolume 7, Issue 1 (2001) - Volume 7, Issue 2 (2001) (Comprehensive); Volume 8, Issue 3 (2002) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1030-0112Australasian Journal of Special EducationCambridge University PressVolume 33, Issue 1 (2009) - Volume 37, Issue 2 (2013) (Comprehensive)
0817-6515Australasian Law Management JournalLegal Practice SectionIssue Autumn 2003 (Autumn 2003) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1446-1374Australasian Leisure ManagementAustralian Leisure MediaIssue 84 (2011) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1325-5266Australasian Music ResearchUniversity of Melbourne, Faculty of MusicIssue 6 (2002) - Issue 9 (2007) (Comprehensive)
2205-8877Australasian Palaeontological MemoirsAustralasian PalaeontologistsIssue 49 (2016) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1446-5604Australasian Parks & LeisureUniversal MagazinesVolume 10, Issue 3 (Spring 2007) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1447-9125Australasian Parliamentary ReviewAustralasian Study of Parliament GroupVolume 27, Issue 1 (Autumn 2012) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1039-6500Australasian Plant Conservation: Journal of the Australian Network for Plant ConservationAustralian Network for Plant ConservationVolume 13, Issue 1 (2004) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1837-7009Australasian PolicingAustralasian Institute of PolicingVolume 1, Issue 1 (Winter 2009) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1030-5033Australasian Public Libraries and Information ServicesAuslib PressVolume 1, Issue 1 (Apr 1988) - Volume 25 Issue 3 (Sept 2012) (Comprehensive)
1448-5486Australian & New Zealand Olivegrower & Processor: national journal of the olive industryRyan MediaIssue 89 (Jun 2013) - Issue 99 (Mar 2016) (Comprehensive)
1839-7387Australian and International Journal of Rural EducationSociety for the Provision of Education in Rural AustraliaVolume 22, Issue 1 (2012) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1446-8212Australian and New Zealand Grapegrower and WinemakerWinetitles MediaVolume 593 (June 2013) - Issue 680 (Sep 2020) (Comprehensive)
0004-8658Australian and New Zealand Journal of CriminologySAGE PublicationsVolume 35, Issue 1 (Apr 2002) - Volume 43, Issue 3 (2010) (Comprehensive); Volume 51, Issue 1 (Mar 2018) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1835-7601Australian and New Zealand Journal of Organisational PsychologyCambridge University PressVolume1, Issue1 (Aug 2008) - Volume 5, Issue 1 (2012) (Comprehensive)
0004-8690Australian and New Zealand Journal of SociologySAGE Publications
1833-8852Australian and New Zealand Sports Law JournalANZ Sports Law Association IncVolume 1, Issue 1 (2006) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1445-1735Australian Antarctic MagazineAustralian Antarctic Division, Environment AustraliaIssue 12 (2007) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1032-1942Australian Art EducationArt Education AustraliaVolume 30, Issue 1 (2007) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0045-0316Australian Bird WatcherBird Observers' ClubVolume 18, Issue 1 (1999) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0157-3039Australian Cane GrowerCanegrowers AustraliaIssue 15 Jan 2007 (15 Jan 2007) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0159-1290Australian CottongrowerBerekuaVolume 28, Issue 3 (June/July 2007) - Volume 31 Issue 3 (June/July 2010) (Comprehensive)
1444-7150Australian Defence Force JournalAustralian Defence College, Centre for Defence and Strategic StudiesVolume 194 (2014) - Issue 204 (2018) (Comprehensive)
0816-5122Australian Educational and Developmental PsychologistCambridge University PressVolume 25, Issue 2 (Oct 2008) - Volume 30, Issue 1 (2013) (Comprehensive)
1832-8245Australian Educational LeaderMinnis JournalsVolume 27, Issue 1 (Mar 2005) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1320-6133Australian Entomologist, TheEntomological Society of QueenslandVolume 6, Issue 1 (Jun 1979) - onwards (Comprehensive)
2203-935XAustralian Environmental Law DigestNational Environmental Law Association (Aug 2014) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1320-0968Australian Feminist Law Journal, TheGriffith University, Griffth Law School, Socio-Legal Research CentreVolume 29 (Dec 2008) - Volume 39 (Dec 2013) (Comprehensive)
1448-0107Australian Field OrnithologyBirdLife AustraliaVolume 19, Issue 5 (2002) - onwards (Comprehensive)
2208-5912Australian Foreign AffairsSchwartz PublishingIssue 1 (Oct 2017) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0156-448XAustralian Forest GrowerAustralian Forest GrowersVolume 23, Issue 3 (Spring 2000) - Volume 40 (Summer 2017) (Comprehensive)
1033-3673Australian Garden HistoryAustralian Garden History SocietyVolume 23, Issue 1 (July/Sept 2011) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1449-2970Australian GrainBerekuaVolume 17, Issue 1 (2007) - Volume 20, Issue 2 (2010) (Comprehensive)
1328-6196Australian Holstein JournalHolstein Australia (Apr/May 2007) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0004-9328Australian HumanistHumanists AustraliaIssue 91 (2008) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1325-5029Australian International Law JournalInternational Law Association - Australian BranchVolume 12 (2005) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1443-1394Australian Journal of Adult LearningAdult Learning Australia IncVolume 47, Issue 1 (Apr 2007) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1443-0738Australian Journal of Asian LawFederation Press Pty LtdVolume 1, Issue 1 (Nov 1999) - Volume 10, Issue 2 (June 2010) (Comprehensive)
2209-9573Australian Journal of Biography and HistoryANU PressIssue 1 (2018) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0811-6202Australian Journal of CommunicationAustralia and New Zealand Communication AssociationVolume 38, Issue 3 (2011) - Volume 40, Issue 3 (2013) (Comprehensive)
1835-2693Australian Journal of Crop ScienceSouthern Cross PublishersVolume 4, Issue 1 (Jan 2010) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1833-833XAustralian Journal of Dyslexia and Other Learning DifficultiesSPELD VictoriaVolume 2 (Spring/Summer 2007) - Volume 5 (Spring/Summer 2010) (Comprehensive)
0004-9441Australian Journal of EducationSAGE PublicationsVolume 60, Issue 1 (Apr 2016) - onwards (Comprehensive); Volume 51, Issue 1 (Apr 2007) - Volume 56, Issue 3 (Nov 2012) (Comprehensive)
1324-1540Australian Journal of Emergency ManagementEmergency Management AustraliaVolume 10, Issue 1 (Autumn 1995) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0814-0626Australian Journal of Environmental EducationCambridge University PressVolume 3 (1987) - Volume 13 (1997) (Comprehensive); Volume 19 (2003) - Volume 29, Issue 1 (2013) (Comprehensive)
2204-1613Australian Journal of Environmental LawMacquarie University, Division of LawVolume 1, Issue 1 (2014) - Volume 1 (2017) (Comprehensive)
0004-9468Australian Journal of French StudiesLiverpool University PressVolume 45, Issue 1 (Jan/Apr 2008) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1038-1562Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, TheLythrum PressVolume 15, Issue 1 (Feb 1992) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1323-1391Australian Journal of Legal HistoryMacquarie University, School of LawVolume 8, Issue 1 (2004) - Volume 9, Issue 2 (2005) (Comprehensive)
0004-9484Australian Journal of Music EducationAustralian Society for Music EducationIssue 1 (1967) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1445-2308Australian Journal of ParapsychologyAustralian Institute of Parapsychological ResearchVolume 1, Issue 1 (June 2001) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0156-0301Australian Journal of ReadingAustralian Reading AssociationVolume 1, Issue 1 (Mar 1978) - Volume 14, Issue 4 (Nov 1991) (Comprehensive)
0157-6321Australian Journal of Social IssuesWileyVolume 38, Issue 1 (Feb 2003) - Volume 53, Issue 2 (Jun 2018) (Comprehensive)
1325-8362Australian Journal on VolunteeringVolunteering AustraliaVolume 10, Issue 1 (2005) - Volume 14 (2009) (Comprehensive)
1836-0068Australian Kodaly BulletinKodaly Music Education Institute of AustraliaVolume 2005 (2005) - Volume 2008 (2008) (Comprehensive)
1836-9286Australian Kodaly JournalKodaly Music Education Institute of AustraliaVolume 2009 (2009) - Volume 2010 (2010) (Comprehensive)
1839-2032Australian Kodaly Journal (Online)Kodaly Music Education Institute of AustraliaVolume 2011 (2011) - Volume 2012 (2012) (Comprehensive)
0004-9670Australian Library JournalAustralian Library and Information AssociationVolume 54, Issue 1 (Feb 2005) - Volume 61, Issue 4 (Nov 2012) (Comprehensive)
2652-0176Australian Mathematics Education JournalAustralian Association of Mathematics TeachersVolume 1, Issue 1 (2019) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0045-0685Australian Mathematics TeacherAustralian Association of Mathematics TeachersVolume 53, Issue 3 (1997) - Volume 55, Issue 4 (1999) (Comprehensive); Volume 57, Issue 1 (2001) - Volume 57, Issue 1 (2001) (Comprehensive); Volume 59, Issue 4 (2003) - Volume 74, Issue 4 (2018) (Comprehensive)
1324-0749Australian OptionsAustralian Options PublishingIssue 71 (Summer 2012) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1326-0286Australian Primary Mathematics ClassroomAustralian Association of Mathematics TeachersVolume 1, Issue 1 (1996) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1036-8191Australian RationalistRationalist Society of Australia Inc.Issue 85 (Autumn/Winter 2010) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0155-0640Australian Review of Applied LinguisticsJohn BenjaminsVolume 34, Issue 2 (2011) - Volume 38, Issue 3 (2015) (Comprehensive)
1443-1629Australian Screen EducationAustralian Teachers of MediaIssue 20 (Summer 1999) - Issue 35 (Winter 2004) (Comprehensive)
0819-4564Australian Senior Mathematics JournalAustralian Association of Mathematics TeachersVolume 18, Issue 1 (2004) - Volume 32, Issue 2 (2018) (Comprehensive)
1442-5157Australian SugarcaneGreenmount PressVolume 11, Issue 3 (June/July 2007) - Volume 14, Issue 3 (June/July 2010) (Comprehensive)
0815-3701Australian TAFE TeacherAustralian Education UnionVolume 42 Issue 3 (Spring 2008) - Volume 44 Issue 1 (Spring 2010) (Comprehensive); Volume 49, Issue 1 (Autumn 2015) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0818-8068Australian Universities' ReviewNational Tertiary Education UnionVolume 45, Issue 1 (2002) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1325-1317Australian VoiceAustralian National Association of Teachers of SingingVolume 13 (2007) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0084-7658Australian Year Book of International LawCentre for International and Public Law, ANU College of LawVolume 31 (2013) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0005-3503BabelAustralian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations (AFMLTA)Volume 45, Issue 1 (Nov 2010) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0817-0002Bar News: The Journal of the NSW Bar AssociationNew South Wales Bar AssociationIssue Summer (2000) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0811-3653Beagle: Records of the Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory, TheMuseums and Art Galleries of the Northern TerritoryVolume 1 (1983) - Volume 27 (Dec 2011) (Comprehensive)
1033-6206Bioethics Research NotesSouthern Cross Bioethics InstituteVolume 22 Issue 1 (2010) - 2012. 24 Issue 3 (2012) (Comprehensive)
0951-6204British Review of New Zealand StudiesBRONZ PublishingVolume 17 (2008) - Volume 18 (2009) (Comprehensive)
0817-2048Bulletin (Australian Society for Sports History)Australian Society for Sports History PublicationsIssue 54 (2011) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0727-4866Bulletin (Kodaly Education Institute of Australia)Kodaly Education Society of AustraliaVolume 1, Issue 1 (1981) - Volume 5, Issue 1 (1985) (Comprehensive)
1030-3901Bulletin (Kodaly Music Education Institute of Australia)Kodaly Music Education Institute of AustraliaVolume 1987 (1987) - Volume 2003 (2003) (Comprehensive)
1038-6777Bulletin (Law Society of South Australia)Law Society of South AustraliaVolume 33, Issue 1 (Feb 2011) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0813-2801Bulletin of the Australian Institute for Maritime Archaeology, TheAustralian Institute for Maritime ArchaeologyVolume 6, Issue 1 (1982) - Volume 24 (2000) (Comprehensive)
0112-0581Canterbury Law ReviewUniversity of Canterbury, School of LawVolume 19 (2013) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0253-2921CatalystMelanesian InstituteVolume 39, Issue 1 (2009) - Volume 45, Issue 1 (2015) (Comprehensive)
2204-146XCerae: An Australasian Journal of Medieval and Early Modern StudiesUniversity of Western AustraliaVolume 1 (2014) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1324-4175Ceramics TechnicalCeramics Art and Perception Pty LtdIssue 21 (Feb 2006) - Issue 42 (Jul 2017) (Comprehensive)
1035-1841Ceramics: Art and PerceptionCeramics Art and Perception Pty LtdIssue 57 (2004) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0312-1372Chain ReactionFriends of the Earth AustraliaIssue 90 (2004) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1324-9347China Journal (Canberra, ACT)Australian National University, Contemporary China CentreIssue 53 (Jan 2005) - Issue 68 (July 2012) (Comprehensive)
2070-3449China PerspectivesFrench Centre for Research on Contemporary ChinaIssue 69 (2007) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1443-735XChristian Teachers JournalChristian Parent Controlled SchoolsVolume 21, Issue 1 (Feb 2013) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0156-224XChurch HeritageUniting Church Records and Historical Society (NSW)Volume 15, Issue 1 (Mar 2007) - Volume 21, Issue 1 (2019) (Comprehensive)
0155-0659ClassicumClassical Association of New South WalesVolume 35, Issue 1 (Apr 2009) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0819-4262Commercial Law QuarterlyCommercial Law Association of AustraliaVolume 18, Issue 4 (Dec/Feb, 2004/2005) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1836-0394Commonwealth Journal of Local GovernanceUTS ePressIssue 1 (2008) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1836-0645Communication, Politics & CultureRMIT University, School of Media and CommunicationVolume 41, Issue 1 (2008) - Volume 49, Issue 2 (2016) (Comprehensive)
1833-6280Communities, Children and Families AustraliaUniversity of New England, School of HealthVolume 2, Issue 1 (Apr 2007) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0158-4995ConnectConnectIssue 153 (June 2005) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1038-4006Context: Journal of Music ResearchContext CommitteeIssue 1 (1991) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1837-5391Cosmopolitan Civil Societies: An Interdisciplinary JournalUTS ePressVolume 1, Issue 1 (2009) - onwards (Comprehensive)
2209-346XCRAM Guide3CR Community RadioVolume 2009 (2009) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1835-9434Creative Approaches to ResearchRMIT PublishingVolume 1, Issue 1 (2008) - Volume 4, Issue 1 (2011) (Comprehensive)
2398-130XCrime Security and SocietyUniversity of Huddersfield PressVolume 1, Issue 1 (2018) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1837-8692Cultural Studies ReviewUTS ePressVolume 16, Issue 1 (Mar 2010) - Volume 25, Issue 2 (Dec 2020) (Comprehensive)
1323-191XCulturescopeSociety and Culture Association of NSWVolume 76 (Apr 2005) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1177-1828Curriculum MattersNew Zealand Council for Educational ResearchVolume 6 (2010) - Volume 8 (2012) (Comprehensive)
1328-3308Dance ForumAustralian Dance Council - Ausdance IncVolume 15, Issue 1 (Autumn 2005) - Volume 17, Issue 2 (Winter 2007) (Comprehensive)
2382-1590DANZ Magazine: The Magazine of Dance Aotearoa New ZealandDance Aotearoa New ZealandIssue 35 (Autumn 2014) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1177-0651DANZ Quarterly: New Zealand DanceDance Aotearoa New ZealandIssue 7 (Apr/May/Jun 2007) - Issue 34 (Summer 2014) (Comprehensive)
1321-3660Deakin Law ReviewDeakin University, School of LawVolume 10, Issue 1 (2005) - Volume 24 (2019) (Comprehensive)
1834-6928Defence Review AsiaAsian Press GroupVolume 12, Issue 1 (2018) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1445-6818Developing Practice: The Child, Youth and Family Work JournalAssociation of Childrens Welfare AgenciesIssue 1 (Winter 2001) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1838-6849DICTUM: Victoria Law School JournalVictoria Law SchoolVolume 1, Issue 1 (2011) - Volume 2, Issue 1 (2012) (Comprehensive)
1838-0174Difference, TheChapter Seven LtdIssue 2 (2012) - Issue 4 (2014) (Comprehensive)
2202-0810DVRCV AdvocateDomestic Violence Resource CentreIssue 1 (Autumn/Winter 2013) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1838-7926DVRCV QuarterlyDomestic Violence Resource CentreIssue 1 (Autumn 2011) - Issue 4 (Spring/Summer 2012) (Comprehensive)
0112-0053Early Childhood FolioNew Zealand Council for Educational ResearchVolume 14, Issue 1 (2010) - Volume 16, Issue 2 (2012) (Comprehensive)
0312-6145Early Days: Journal of the Royal Western Australian Historical SocietyRoyal Western Australian Historical SocietyVolume 12, Issue 4 (2004) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1172-9112Early EducationAuckland University of TechnologyVolume 47 (Autumn/Winter 2010) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1449-8367EarthSong Journal: Perspectives in Ecology, Spirituality and EducationEarthSong ProjectIssue 10 (2009) - Volume 3, Issue4 (2017) (Comprehensive)
1837-509XEast Asia Forum QuarterlyANU PressVolume 1, Issue 1 (2009) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1327-8800Educare News: The National Newspaper for all Non-government SchoolsAustralian Council for Educational ResearchIssue 144 (Feb 2004) - Issue 149 (July 2004) (Comprehensive)
1323-823XEducating Young Children: Learning and Teaching in the Early Childhood YearsEarly Childhood Teachers' AssociationVolume 14, Issue 2 (Spring 2008) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1036-0026Education in Rural AustraliaSociety for the Provision of Education in Rural AustraliaVolume 17, Issue 1 (2007) - Volume 21, Issue 2 (2011) (Comprehensive)
0311-2543Education Research and PerspectivesUniversity of Western Australia, Department of EducationVolume 37, Issue 1 (2010) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1560-8263Educational Research JournalHong Kong Educational Research AssociationVolume 24, Issue 2 (2009) - Volume 29, Issue 2 (2014) (Comprehensive)
1444-4496English Australia JournalEnglish AustraliaVolume 21, Issue 1 (2003) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0113-7867English in AotearoaNew Zealand Association for the Teaching of EnglishIssue 67 (Apr 2009) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0155-2147English in AustraliaAustralian Association for the Teaching of EnglishIssue 1 (Nov 1965) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1442-5017Environment Design GuideAustralian Institute of ArchitectsIssue 64 (Sep 2010) - Issue 89 (May 2017) (Comprehensive)
2207-466XEnvironment Design GuideAustralian Institute of ArchitectsIssue 90 (Aug 2017) - Issue 91 (Nov 2017) (Comprehensive)
1035-6150Environmental Law ReporterEnvironmental and Planning Law AssociationVolume 31 (July 2012) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1835-7040Essays in French Literature and CultureUniversity of Western AustraliaIssue 45 (Nov 2008) - onwards (Comprehensive)
2203-5656Ethics QuarterlySt James Ethics CentreIssue 95 (Autumn 2014) - Issue 99 (Autumn 2015) (Comprehensive)
1448-1324EthosSocial Education VictoriaVolume 16, Issue 1 (2008) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1441-1881Ethos: Official Publication of the ACT Law SocietyLaw Society of the Australian Capital TerritoryIssue 191 (Mar 2004) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1322-0659Every ChildEarly Childhood Australia Inc.Volume 16, Issue 1 (2010) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1838-9422Evidence Base: A Journal of Evidence Reviews in Key Policy AreasAustralia and New Zealand School of GovernmentVolume 1 (2012) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1833-203XExtension Farming Systems JournalAFBMNetworkVolume 1, Issue 1 (2005) - Volume 9, Issue 1 (2013) (Comprehensive)
0818-8734EyelineEyeline PublishingVolume 1 (1987) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1033-1867FabricationsSociety of Architectural HistoriansVolume 16, Issue 1 (June 2006) - Volume 21, Issue 2 (Mar 2012) (Comprehensive)
1030-2646Family MattersAustralian Institute of Family StudiesIssue 60 (Spring/Summer 2001) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0067-205XFederal Law ReviewSAGE PublicationsVolume 29, Issue 1 (2001) - onwards (Comprehensive)
2057-0163Fields: Journal of Huddersfield Student ResearchUniversity of Huddersfield PressVolume 1, Issue 1 (2015) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1728-7456Fijian Studies: a Journal of Contemporary FijiFiji Institute of Applied StudiesVolume 1, Issue 1 (2003) - Volume 6, Issue 2 (2008) (Comprehensive)
1838-2975Flinders Law JournalFlinders University, Flinders LawVolume 12, Issue 1 (2010) - Volume 21, Issue 2 (2020) (Comprehensive)
1032-5298Food AustraliaAustralian Institute of Food Science and TechnologyVolume 65, Issue 6 (Dec/Jan, 2013/2014) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1175-4621Food New ZealandPeppermint PressVolume 8, Issue 1 (2008) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1322-2945FrontlineNational Tertiary Education UnionVolume 10 (Dec 2002) - Volume 18 (Sep 2010) (Comprehensive)
2201-7208Fusion JournalFaculty of Arts, Charles Sturt UniversityIssue 1 (Feb 2013) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0112-0328Future TimesNew Zealand Futures Trust Inc.Volume 1 (2007) - Volume 2 (2013) (Comprehensive)
1832-4975Gambling Research: Journal of the National Association for Gambling Studies (Australia)National Association for Gambling Studies (Australia)Volume 14, Issue 1 (May 2002) - Volume 26, Issue 1 (Jul 2014) (Comprehensive)
1836-3393Gateways: International Journal of Community Research and EngagementUTS ePressVolume 1 (2008) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1446-9324Gay and Lesbian Law JournalFederation Press, TheVolume 1 (Autumn 1992) - Volume 10 (May 2001) (Comprehensive)
0158-0760General and Applied Entomology: The Journal of the Entomological Society of New South WalesEntomological Society of New South WalesVolume 10 (1978) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1835-5099GeodateWarringal PublicationsVolume 25, Issue 1 (Mar 2012) - Volume 30, Issue 4 (Aug 2017) (Comprehensive)
0085-0969Geographical EducationAustralian Geography Teachers' AssociationVolume 15 (2002) - Volume 25 (2012) (Comprehensive)
2204-0242Geographical Education (Online)Australian Geography Teachers' AssociationVolume 26 (2013) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0156-9236Geography BulletinGeography Teachers Association of NSWVolume 42, Issue 1 (2010) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0311-3930Globe (Melbourne, Vic.)Australian and New Zealand Map SocietyVolume 54 (2003) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1447-0500Government NewsIntermediaVolume 28, Issue 1 (Feb 2008) - Volume 36, Issue 2 (Jun 2016) (Comprehensive)
0156-8698Great Circle: Journal of the Australian Association for Maritime History, TheAustralian Association for Maritime HistoryVolume 30, Issue 2 (2008) - Volume 35, Issue 1 (2013) (Comprehensive)
1036-126XGreen Left WeeklyGreen LeftIssue 997 (19 Feb 2014) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1834-8068Green: sustainable architecture and landscape designGreen PressIssue 16 (Nov 2010) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1038-3441Griffith Law ReviewTaylor & FrancisVolume 12, Issue 1 (2003) - Volume 22, Issue 3 (2013) (Comprehensive)
1833-6531Headmark: Journal of the Australian Naval InstituteAustralian Naval InstituteIssue 129 (Sept 2008) - onwards (Comprehensive)
2209-3885HERDSA ConnectHERDSA PublicationsVolume 40, Issue 3 (Spring 2018) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0157-1826HERDSA NewsHerdsa PublicationsVolume 35, Issue 1 (Apr 2013) - Volume 40, Issue 1 (Summer 2018) (Comprehensive)
1176-7413Heritage Matters: The Magazine for New Zealanders Restoring, Preserving and Enjoying Our HeritageTop View Media LtdIssue 20 (2009) - Issue 31 (2012) (Comprehensive)
1449-9037High Court Quarterly ReviewSandstone Academic PressVolume 1, Issue 1 (2005) - Volume 5, Issue 3 (2009) (Comprehensive)
0726-6715Historic EnvironmentAustralia International Council on Monuments and SitesVolume 1, Issue 1 (1980) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1037-0196History of Economics ReviewHistory of Economic Thought Society of Australia, Australian National UniversityIssue 51 (Winter 2010) - Issue 62 (Summer 2015) (Comprehensive)
1448-0840HLA NewsAustralian Library and Information AssociationIssue Mar 2010 (Mar 2010) - Issue Summer 2019 (Dec 2019) (Comprehensive)
1322-4301Hot Topics: Legal Issues in Plain LanguageLegal Information Access CentreIssue 73 (2010) - Issue 88 (2015) (Comprehensive)
1440-3382HousesArchitecture MediaIssue 108 (Feb 2016) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1833-5241Houses Kitchens + BathroomsArchitecture MediaIssue 11 (2016) - onwards (Comprehensive)
2204-0919Human Ecology ReviewANU PressVolume 20, Issue 2 (2014) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1039-2637Human Rights DefenderAustralian Human Rights InstitueVolume 22, Issue 1 (May 2013) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1440-0669Humanities ResearchANU E PressIssue 3 (1997) - Volume 19, Issue 3 (2013) (Comprehensive)
2058-6205Identity Papers: A Journal of British and Irish StudiesUniversity of Huddersfield PressVolume 1, Issue 1 (2015) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0046-8568IdiomVictorian Association for the Teaching of EnglishVolume 46, Issue 1 (2010) - Volume 49, Issue 3 (2013) (Comprehensive)
2208-2646IdiomVictorian Association for the Teaching of EnglishVolume 53, Issue 2 (2017) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1032-4321ImpactAustralian Council of Social ServiceIssue Feb 2003 (Feb 2003) - Issue Spring 2010 (Spring 2010) (Comprehensive)
0158-0876InciteAustralian Library and Information AssociationVolume 27, Issue 1 (Jan/Feb 2006) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1324-2326IndependenceWalsh MediaVolume 38, Issue 1 (May 2013) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1320-9825Independent EducationIndependent Education UnionVolume 42, Issue 1 (Apr 2012) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1329-8100Institute of Public Affairs ReviewInstitute of Public AffairsVolume 57, Issue 1 (Mar 2005) - onwards (Comprehensive)
1836-7526InstyleIntermedia Group, The (Jan/Feb 2008) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0815-2098Intellectual Property Forum: Journal of the Intellectual and Industrial Property Society of Australia and New ZealandThe Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand IncIssue 92 (Mar 2013) - onwards (Comprehensive)
0310-7949InteractionGeography Teachers Association of VictoriaVolume 36, Issue 1 (Mar 2008) - onwards (Comprehensive)
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